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Universal Cutting Machine

Cutting Machine for big production needs

Universal Cutting Machine

Universal automatic cutters are offered with a choice of 6-8-9 cm cutting height for all types of production. The Universal cutting machine  can accelerate the work cycles of the cutting department with increased speed and productivity. It provides excellent cutting quality by applying a mixture of technical features and innovative materials that enable cutting performance never achieved before.

Consult our experienced team for the right mix of tools for your production.

The Universal automatic cutter is the solution for all types of material, with a choice of 6, 8 or 9 cm cutting head depending on the needs of each production.

It applies a blend of technical features and innovative materials that allow top productivity performance to be achieved with significantly reduced operating costs.


Universal cutting system is the investment that will accelerate work cycles with speed and increased productivity. Some of its advantages are:

  • JUST CUT: the simple and flexible software for quick and safe setting of all cutting parameters.
  • Eco Power absorption system guarantees significant energy savings.
  • High-speed sharpening system, protected by exclusive right of use (patent) that achieves a long service life.
  • Fast Revolution: allows cutting flexibility for all types of materials.
  • Mectronics Blade Sense: automatic correction of cutting blade distortion.
  • Cutting blade lubrication or cooling system depending on the needs of the material.
  • Remote technical assistance, via the Internet, ensuring full and continuous support in a timely manner.
Upon selection there are more possibilities: 
  • The choice for a non Stopping Cutting method  includes two alternative methods: Continuous cutting software, where cutting is done while advancing the material, or QRV electric quick release valve suitable for multi-sheet cutting (optional).
  • Hydraulic lifting of the cutting head cover, with double movement
  • Drill with adjustable temperature
  • Cutting blade cooling or lubrication system depending on the material
  • Tool ISO software for placing noches, holes, etc
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Computer Life is staffed by a dynamic team of Consultants, who will present you with a complete solution for your business, which will meet its needs and above.