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Computer Life

Our Philosophy

Computer Life is constantly evolving and monitoring the global developments that are shaping the environment for companies producing technical products. 

Our aim is to provide excellent first-line services at the production area and to optimize the productivity of our customers. Armed with high technical know-how, excellent technical training and experience, we invest in strong collaborative relationships and support all of our customers with friendly and immediate services.

Computer Life never stops planning for the next day. We are constantly looking for new technologies, new solutions, new perspectives. The equipment solutions we propose are adapted to the modern concepts of Industry 4.0.

We are close to the completion of a five-year project where we joined forces with Greek universities and clients to create a new software using Artificial Intelligence to conceptually predict and outline the design and fashion trends of the future.

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Looking back in time 

Computer Life SA was founded in 1985 with the aim of offering high quality products and services to garment manufacturing companies, always investing in new technologies. Today, after nearly 40 creative years, Computer Life is synonymous with specialized expertise and technology solutions in the industry. The innovative solutions we offer cover the entire range of CAD-CAM equipment and support services. We are proud to be the largest domestic company of Specialized Technological Services with solutions for Industrial Product Design and Production equipment.

Important dates

1985 – Computer Life is founded in Thessaloniki. Primary focus is information technology solutions

1986 – Partnership agreement with Olivetti – The first information systems software for clothing companies is developed under the name “TextilLife”

1989 – Exclusive representation agreement of the Spanish multinational company Investronica

1998 – A two-year R&D program results in two new ERP software solutions for commercial and financial management, ‘Plexis’ and ‘SMLXL’. The unique commercial software platform designed in collaboration and with the clothing manufacturing and trading company as the protagonist, leads the way in the coming years and shows the way of specialized software development. With hundreds of installations inside and outside Greece, it is the most complete ERP solution for the industry.

1999 – Computer Life merges with Innova Systems and Innova Systems SG

2000 – The first collaboration in the spreader market with the pioneer Autex-Int – Barcelona

2003 – First accreditation by TUV HELLAS under the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System.

2004 – Computer Life becomes a Microsoft Business Solutions certified partner

2004 – Inauguration of the company’s new, privately owned, central offices.

2004 – After the acquisition of Investronica, Computer Life starts new, strong and long-term partnerships

2008 – Completion and formalization of the new cooperation agreement for the sale and international support of FK Group’s machinery

2011 – New collaboration with leading plotter manufacturing partner TKTBrainpower

2014 – Agreement to represent and support Ozbilim machines

2020 – Focus on CAD CAM solutions and services. Sale and absorption commercial software development business by Entersoft. 

2021 – Reorganization of the company’s functions to create the most comprehensive consultant and frontline supporter for companies producing technical products.

2022 – Targeted actions to expand our presence in sectors of activity such as the manufacture of indoor and outdoor furniture, leather goods and boat construction. Gradual development of activity in the processing of synthetic and technical materials.

2023 – Cooperation with new giant manufacturers for the manufacture of special cutters and laser cutters. I ECHO and YUEMING are added to the leading manufacturers working with us.

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